Revealed guide to the Best Gaming Laptops Available for you in 2017 

Revealed guide to the Best Gaming Laptops Available for you in 2017 

Did you know that playing laptop games not only build’s your character but also reveals it? Well now you know. Video games and laptop games allow for creativity, innovativeness and also allow your mind to grow. In fact, how best you play your laptop game resembles your ability to make the right choices in life. Wining a laptop game, implies your ability to make the right choices, we should all embrace laptop games. With that said, I am sure by now you are probably wondering what gaming laptops are?


Allow me to decipher!!

The simple definition for gaming laptops is; it is a laptop that is powerful enough to accommodate and play the latest games. They are designed with different configurations, specs and features that will allow you to successfully install and play any game.

So, do you love playing video games? Are you frustrated because your current laptop cannot accommodate a new amazing game because of its features? Do you need a new gaming laptop that will allow you to successfully install and play your favorite video game? If yes, was the answer to all the questions then you need one of the best gaming laptops available in the market for you this season.

A little knowledge on the factors to consider before buying one of the best gaming laptops this season, will go a long way in helping you make an informed decision.

Factors to consider before buying one of the best gaming laptops this season

Gaming laptops are designed with the right kind of horse power and come with the right components to allow you to smoothly support VR also virtual reality setups like; HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and also run 4K games on your machine. With that said, Let us quickly dive into the factors to consider before buying gaming laptop of  this season!!

1. The Price of Gaming Laptops 

Due to the high end features, specs and components of gaming laptops, their prices are consequently higher as compared to other laptops. Here is the breakdown of the prices you should expect;

a. Entry-level Gaming Laptops: 

Range between $8,00-$1,250 and can play your games at 1,366-768 resolution or they can also play at full HD resolution of up to 1080p

b. Mid rangeGaming Laptops:

Price ranges at $1,250-$2,500, high settings, smooth play, support for VR head sets and resolution of up to 1080p.

c. High end Gaming Laptops:

Smooth play is guaranteed, 1080p resolution, allows you to play 4K resolution VR headsets support, it accommodates additional monitors, very fast, you can add dual graphics processors, extra option of ultra efficient cooling fans and price range of  above $2,500

2. Graphics Processing Unit

This is the critical feature you need to look for as you shop for one of the best gaming laptops. The higher the model numbers of your gaming laptop, the higher the 3D performance. Go for the highest to get the best.

3. Decide on the Right Processor

The processor determines how fast your machine will work. It is the heart of the gaming laptops. Gaming laptop systems are designed with Intel Core i3 or AMD’s CPU’S installed on them. Entry level gaming systems have Intel Core i3 processors while AMD processors have the ability to play mane games.

4. The Display of your gaming laptop

Go for one of the best gaming laptops with a 15” or 17” display screens.

5. Buy systems with SSD

Buy gaming laptops with SSD because of their reduced price, but remember to configure it correctly.

6. Consider The Memory of your laptop

Go for gaming laptops with a RAM of 8GB.

With that said, now you know what to look for as you shop around for the best gaming laptops. Here are some of the important recommendations on the best gaming laptops available for you this season.

The Best Gaming Laptops for you  in 2017

1. Alienware 17 R4 

It retails at $1,299.99 and delivers unparalleled performance for a single GPU laptop. It  is highly configurable and comes with advanced features and tasteful customizable lighting.

2. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501V1

It retails at $2,699 and is a thin gaming laptop that is designed to offer more powerful and efficient performance.

3. Dell Inspiron 15 7000

Retails at $7,99 and can play modern games in full HD. It has an amazing battery at a great budget.

4. HP Omen 17

Retailing at $1,299, the HP Omen has amazing graphics and a 4K display. It is a good gaming laptop for mid range gamers.

5. Origin EON 17-X 10 Series

It retails at $1,858 and is a high end gaming laptop that will deliver on great performance, 4K display, plenty of ports and a lot of storage space.

6. Razer Blade

It retails at $1,899 and has upgraded processor with improved battery performance

7. Acer Predator 15

It retails at $1,499, delivers on solid gaming performance and has a commendable battery life.

8. Lenovo Legion Y520

With a selling price of $919, it is an affordable gaming laptop that will deliver on  performance and smooth 1080p resolution.

9. New Razor Blade pro

A high end gaming laptop that retails at $3,999, designed with a faster Core i7 processor and has a THX certified panel with great audio features.

10. Origin EON17-SLX

This is a hefty gaming laptop that retails at $ 2,177, has SLI graphics and top end features like G-Sync display and 4K performance.

From the above amazing facts, gaming laptops will allow you play your favorite games without worrying about the speed performance, storage space and graphics display. Follow this guide and feel free to choose one of the best gaming laptops available for you in the market.