Gaming – A Biological Cure to Depression

Many people often ignore the fun and entertaining aspects of their life due to their work and stressful lifestyles. However, this can indeed have a drastic impact on your mental health and can push you towards depression. Depression and fun are the two opposite sides of a coin.

Early Research:

This point was also highlighted by Brain expert Sutton-Smith who studied children as well as adults extensively in the 1950s and 60s. He was a renowned psychologist who had expertise in studying and understanding the behavior of different individuals. He observed adults as well as children while playing games and he discovered a strong link between playing games and having a high amount of self-confidence, physical energy, and positive emotions. Whenever the individuals played games, they generally exhibited these positive emotions. If you take a look at the bigger picture, you would realize that these positive feelings are exactly the opposite of the negative feelings suffered during the depression. The individuals who are suffering from depression would often complain of lack of energy and curiosity which prevents them from being confident about what they are doing. In turn, their whole attitude turns negative when they are suffering from depression.

As we stated above, the psychologist conducted observations in the 1950s as well as 60s. This was much before the advanced technology of this day was available. Currently, more than 1.23 billion people all over the world play video games. Thus, these emotions are more than likely to be induced in these people while playing these games.

Modern day technology:

This day in order to map the feelings as well as emotions of people, the MRI study is possible. Stanford University has taken the initiative to conduct such studies and has tried to gauge the feelings and emotions of people while playing games. With the help of MRI scans, the university was able to discover that during the play, 2 parts of the brain were most active. The parts of the brain which correspond being activated when you are motivated or focused on your goal are the same ones which are active when you are playing games. These are the same parts of the brain which are associated with memory as well as learning.

If you relate this to the tasks which we undertake in the game, you would find that it makes perfect sense. When you start playing the game, you are often focused on a certain goal which you want to achieve in the game. Also, you constantly learn new gaming skills, whenever you are playing the game. As you progress through the game, you would focus more on the goals like scoring more in the game or clear different stages of the game. Similarly, you would also learn to make and execute different strategies throughout the game which is why the learning part of your brain is more active. This process continues throughout the game. In case, the game becomes monotonous by not challenging our learning skills or goal achieving skills, we lose interest in the game.

This is one of the main reasons why we keep on playing the game in spite of failing in the same levels again and again. Many individuals, who have not played games before, find this behavior pretty odd. They find this behavior even illogical sometimes. This behavior however, is initiated by the focus of the brain to achieve a certain goal through learning.

Through extensive research, it has been concluded that the same 2 regions of the brain which are stimulated during gaming (they are called reward pathways and hippocampus) are the parts which often shrink or at least remain under-stimulated when the individual is in depression.

This has helped researchers prove biologically, that video game play is the exact opposite of depression neurologically.

The lack of stimulation of the reward pathways, do not let the individual realize the goals which can be achieved which develops a negative mindset in them. A negative mind can never be motivated. This lack of stimulation or shrinking of the hippocampus makes it difficult for the individuals to learn new skills which are crucial to success. Thus, the task of focusing or learning new skills becomes more difficult when the individual is under depression.

Playing video games and Depression are inversely proportional:
Numerous studies over the years have concluded that if the individual plays video games for at least 20 hours per week, the chances of suffering from depression reduce significantly. These days many psychologists are even experimenting with using video games to reduce the chronic effects of depression on individuals. Patients have often accepted to get a relief from depression while playing video games.

Self-medicating with video games is not the solution:

Psychologists, however, are quick to point out that self-medicating oneself with video games is not the right solution. This can lead to the individual getting an excuse to run away from day to day problems. Also, it can have a negative impact on the individual. People who play games excessively can suffer from social isolation or anxiety. That is why video games can only work as a solution in moderation. It is important to monitor the implementation of the solution in order to make sure that it is being done the right way.

According to a report, at least 41% of the players admitted that they actively play video games in order to get away from the tensions or problems of daily life. The problem is that even when most of the people are playing games on a moderate basis, parents, as well as teachers, often discourage them from playing games. They often do not realize that video games provide these individuals with a way to relax.

The only thing which needs to be done in order to have a positive outcome from playing the games is to have a certain positive goal in mind when the individual starts to play the game. After that, as long as they are able to stick to the prescribed time limit, playing video games would have a positive outcome. A goal can be as simple as changing the mood or trying to overcome a failure by achieving something in the game.

When game playing is associated with a certain goal, researchers have concluded that it can help induce a positive attitude among individuals which can help them achieve their goals in life as well. This is because the same resilience gets built into these individuals in real life as well which encourages them to learn and achieve their goals.

Instead of just changing the games which you are playing, it is a better idea to just associate a goal with the game which would help you in getting the above-mentioned benefits by playing video games.

Drawing the line:

If one of your loved ones is an avid gamer, it is a good idea to have a conversation with them regarding how games have a positive impact on their life. This would induce a positive change in your relationship with them as you would explore their likings for the game rather than discouraging them to play the game.

Some of the questions which you can ask them are:

• How is the game?
• What is the best part about the game?
• Are the skills of the game helping them in real life?

These questions would also help you spark new thoughts in them regarding playing games. The most pertinent question which you can ask them is can I play the game with you?

Thus, instead of just thinking that games are a waste of time, you have to understand that it has been scientifically proven that games are helpful in treating depression to a certain extent. The next time around, you meet an avid gamer, thinking that they are wasting their time; it would be a good idea to encourage them. For all you might know, they might be trying to induce some positivism in their life with the help of games.

50 Reviews of the Best Selling Video Games  

As indoor gaming has become popular, video gaming has become part of our day to day life. In today’s culture, many of us can’t-do without games. From many decades till now gaming has been enhanced.

Times technicians bought together more than 150 nominees through a multistage ranking process which complete a cross-section of video gaming best ideas, Some of the review best 50 games are;

 1. King quest 3: To Heir is Human

This game was first introduced in the 1980s and was the third installment in the king quest series. It was produced by sierra and was much bigger than the previous games produced by sierra, it was mostly understood by boys and it had high graphics which is fun when playing.

2. Dota2

First invented in 2002 but it took more than a decade for it to hit the e-sport act, this was due to its turf control and sophisticated twists on real time. This game was interesting to watch than to mater it.

3. Angrybirds

This came as salvage to those who used iphones, it was invented in 2009 and it had light aspects which could be handled on an I the phone. 

 4. GultorHero 

This had music features it was launched in used to put participants in a happy mood; one could provide his/her own sweet bands. 

 5. Resident Evil 4

This is a breath taking game which had a great visual style together with its sound effects, this game involves shooting tactics. 

6. Gran Turismo 3 A-spec

This is a realistic racing experience game contains cars which are highly grafted to handle different horsepower ride and cars with the specification like good height which is skilled of rendering almost 20million polygous per second.

7. SuperSmash Bros

This game lent its specifications from Nintendo which was launched in 1999. It involves fighting down enemies for you to remain standing to be a king.

8. Call ofDuty 2

It has a fan base due to its well-designed campaign, enjoyable multi-players and the sound effects are amazing.

9. Bio Shock

The game has set a new pace for video experiences a kind of panic, mixed with delight and confusion due to the extraordinary sights and scenes.

10. ESPN NFL 2K5

This is for football fanatics that uses advanced mapping and has better graphics than any football games.

11. Pongs

It’s one of the pioneer arcade video games. It is a tables tennis game that has two-dimensional graphics

12. Castlevania

It’s a horror-themed adventure that gives the player creepy feeling, was developed in 1987.

13. Portal 2

This PC game is one of the most innovative puzzles which have mild violence. It was the most selling after its launch

14. Braid

It’s a challenging game played in a very puzzling environment

15. Fallout 3

This game allows the players to customize characters and pursue and quest as they wish

16. Galaga

It’s a shorter arcade game from 80”s and one of the old-school games that are being played up to date.

17. Red DeadRedemption

It’s an action/adventure that is especially preferred by rock star fans developed in 2010.

18. Super Mario Kark

It is one of the most fictional games that features kart video racing.

19. Wolfenstern3D

It is preferred by any shooter fans. It creates nostalgic values and the graphics and music are impressive

20. The Sims

It’s a charming game that is realistic and natural. It allows a player to select Sim a Walk style depending on their personality options.

21. PokémonRed and Blue

The Pc game has a classic music and graphics that lures the games. It gives a touch of history to the original game for nearly 20 years.

22. Myst

It is an adventure puzzle that allows a grammar to figure out what to do and also how to go about it.

23. DonkeyKong

It has ape-like characters that involve maneuvering the main character in different platforms

24. MortalKombat

It’s a bloody video that has an evil alien challenging humanity into a battle

25. StarCraftII: Wings of Liberty

Released in 2010, and  it’s epic video crash that allows gamers to choose mission routes and challenges.

26. Hallo:Combat Evolved.

It’s a shooter video that features military persons. The player fights to defend the earth from aliens.

27. Final fantasy VII:

Released in 1977, the game is a role-playing game that was developed for the PlayStation console.

28. Microsoft flight simulator X

It is a game that involves flights that include jumbo jets both massive and tiny. The players take on the control wheel and fly wherever they desire. It was developed in 2006 by the Microsoft Windows.

30. GoldenEye007

It’s a game that got its idea from the field golden eye casting James Bond in 1995. It is a shooter game whereby one is expected to eliminate the invading enemies

31. Diablo II

Is a game published in 2000 by bizzard entertainment whereby one is expected to be a legendary hero. Diablo the hero falls and is replaced by a wanderer whose aim is to cause destruction the hero must face and fight this enemy to stop him.

32. Zork

It was developed in the 1970s that is text-based, adventurous and interactive. A question
is asked and one types the answer he or she thinks is correct

33. Spaceinvaders

In-game created in 1978, you are one of spaceship
expected to terminate the invading enemies. One must fire and blow them away before they conquer you. One can also hide as the enemy spaceships fire back

34. Rise of the Tomb Raider

It’s a game created in the 1990s that involves running and fighting that is mostly adventurous. The players may swing from walls and grappling lines or explore tombs. A player is supposed to survive.

35. Half-Life2

It’s a video game involving a first shooter that was developed by Valve Corporation in 1998

36. GrandTheft Auto III

This game was developed in 2001 and allows the player to move freely. The player is supposed
to use a vehicle of walk and stop some illicit activities such as theft and put out a fire.

37. Counter-Strike

It’s a game that was designed in 1999 that involves the terrorists as well as the counter-terrorist. The terrorists kidnap a hostage while the counter-terrorist group tries to stop the action. This game in 2014 was acquired by the Amazon in a billion dollar deal.

38. simCity 2000

Designed in 1994 and has impressive graphics of constructions of buildings and roads.

39. Quake

It is a 3D game that brought a different feel in the gaming world.

40. Final FantasyVI

The genre and console role-playing of this game have made this game one of the best games of all time.

41. SidMeiers Civilization IV: 

It is a computer game that features various civilization series.

42. World ofWarcraft

It is a fantasy simulation game that has a mixed element of joys and also frustrations. Its multilayer element allows gamers to socialize in a massive way.

43. The Oregon Trail

It was developed by student andteachers in Minnesota in 1971 as an learning tool. It requires one to choose an adventure strategy and then hunt in order to survive.

44. SuperMario bros

It was developed in 1985 by the Nintendo that involves Luigi and Mario who are brothers. They are supposed to run through the mushroom area lobbing fireballs, de-shelling turtles as well as stamping goombas.

45. The legend of Zelda

Is the bestselling action game video that is puzzling that gives an incredible sense of adventure.

46. Minecraft

It is a game that involves blocks where a gamer has to arrange them and go on adventures. It was created by designers from Sweden.

47. Ms. Pac Man

It was initially known as crazy otto and it involves smart ghosts that are on the move as well as fruit smashing for bonuses.

48. Doom

Is a first-person shooter game whereby one engages the counter shooters. It was developed in 1993 by its software and the gamer fights against the forces of hell.

49. SuperMario 64

This game was introduced in 1996 and continuously laid out a grammar that enables one to interact with the 3Dworlds.

50. Tetris

Is a video game that was created by a Russian scientist and distributed by the Japanese company.  It was introduced into the market in 1984 and immediately became a phenomenon. There is a tile matching puzzler between the game boy and NES. The game is available on many platforms. Tetris has health benefits such as PTSD prevention as well as cravings control. The game teaches about apocryphal truism which is a life lesson.